inktober day 13

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This inktober 2019 gallery…

…is curated of selected pieces from over the past several years.

by SDTho_Art

Digitally revisited with potentially a few minimal digital implementations.
Minor digital manipulation…

of original 300-600dpi .tiff source scans.

with a CanoScan

For more info on the open source software used on these minor edits;
Vist, GIMP GNU at

There should be about 31 images in total for each day of October, 2019.
Pieces will at least include some form of original traditional ink on paper.

Micron, Bic, Pilot, Sharpie…
or otherwise pen and ink…
and perhaps some oil pastel for color.

ink drawings

Gallery images here are also,
on social media,
posted on Instagram
for the month of October, 2019

as a limited edition.
They may get deleted there after.

Participating slightly…
though maybe not following all the rules?
all month long.

For more info on the #inktober thing;

video slide of days 1 – 8 with a little acoustic guitar
video slide of days 9 – 17 with a little acoustic guitar

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