poety – by sdtho_art

https://magickmunk.tripod.com/ Distance Does it matter if it’s doneDon’t decide which way to rundare the distance dark desirebare of difference mark the firestill living it has been so longsteal giving lit as grin grown wrongderanged corners crept down deepdelightful horn purrs slept frown sleepbe night full torn leaking throughfeed right pool born seeking truelove sight fool […]

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utopia / utopian / ecology environment

are ideas not our own? alternative methods an environmental currency proposal by sdtho_art Alternative methods of payments may soon become a necessity as the financial system of money is not a natural resource and perhaps a system based on a climate currency will be most appropriate for sustainable immediate environments of micro-climates as current modern […]

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blahg gallery 1.1 – new blog
redMoth - sdthoart

SDTho_Art’s… This is this blog’s first post after migration. A random rabbit hole of the internet. Previous versions include; sdthoart.com/posts/ sdthoart.wordpress.com/blahg/ Below, a quick gallery of some contemporary; thanks

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