512 tho

This following account has no affiliation;

with © SDTho_Art™

It’s an Amazon Seller…

by the name of, “Story Storm Store

There was no attempt to make any contact in negotiations…

no equal exchange of equivalence :/

what’s going on here tho?

Careful for places like;

Society6.com and Redbubble.com

There seems to be no protection

for personal original artwork and source file assets.
Hesitation maybe wise when uploading.

Neither Amazon or Redbubble…

Wonderment of who is the Story Storm Store amazon store and why did they take the Redbubble images of this SDTho_Artwork without the whereabouts of the original artist and the art of these images here.

– SDTho_Art

Please don’t hurt them, they only made a mistake. Thanks.

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